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sinjin-and-zoraSinjin Hawke & Zora Jones‘ long awaited return to the West Coast has been a long time coming and, this Friday (5/8), we finally get to catch the two live, in the flesh. Slotting into IHC Presents’ Club IHC format, Sinjin and Zora will be accompanied by GHET20G0TH1K’s own Venus X and local fave P. Morris at The Lash Pop Up in Hollywood. We don’t make it out to that quarter of the city all too often these days, preferring our friendly confines on the Eastside, but if there ever was a time to head up the 101, Sinjin and Zora’s tour stop is it. From their respective work with Pelican Fly to the ongoing, collaborative and visually groundbreaking Fractal Fantasy series, these two have married a wildly unique digital aesthetic with brilliantly functional club forms.

With L-Vis 1990, MikeQ, DJ Taye and more involved, Fractal Fantasy has hosted some of the most multidimensional sonic adventures in the club music realm, and that’s before you even touch on the videos, all-engulfing 3D adventures into obscene dance floor negatives,  modular death stars and contortionist silver globs. It’s all stunning really. Add to that Sinjin’s recent co-production on “Wolves”, opening single from Mr. West’s new Swish LP, and the fact that the duo have already been in the studio with Sicko Mobb and a melange of Chicago legends on this tour, and this Friday is going to be unmatched in LA lore. Enter your favorite song/video from the Fractal Fantasy series in the form below for your chance at a pair of free tickets. Expect this one to sell out so get in on the contest, but also get your own ticket as a back up plan.

sinjin-hawke1It’s always a pleasure to post the best press shot in music, in no small part because the song it accompanies is always a smasher. Sinjin Hawke evolved into an unstoppable beast in 2013 through a series of remixes and collaborations and 2014 will likely end up being one of those “leap” years  for the producer that everyone talks about. Whether he’s revamping ghetto house or doing Just Blaze better than Just Blaze (or with Just Blaze for that matter), the Barcelona-based producer has elicited an innumerable amount of excited yelps from this listener. If I had to pick a highlight from Sinjin’s 2013 , it would have to be the establishment of the visual-focused Fractal Fantasy series, a collaborative effort with significant other Zora Jones that has featured L-Vis 1990, Morri$ and Ms. Jones herself. The latest Fractal Fantasy effort, titled “ThunderScan”, comes from Sinjin and Fade To Mind/Qween Beat talisman MikeQ. If you’ve followed Sinjin’s progression over the past several years, the vocal twists and irregular pacing will not come as a surprise, but with MikeQ’s ballroom “ha”s and crashes thrown into the mix, “ThunderScan” appears to exist in a wild, unpredictable state. Watch the video and it will all make sense.

sinjin hawke

Earlier, we posted about the brand new Red Bull Music Academy compilation that features the likes of Kid Smpl, Branko, Throwing Snow and Benjamin Damage. The comp features a number of impressive collaborative tracks including a deeply referential Sinjin Hawke and DJ Slow effort. What we forgot to mention is that while the aforementioned Sinjin Hawke was in New York, he also hopped in the studio with horn chemist/legend Just Blaze and cooked up a collaboration of their own. A far cry from the Just Blaze/Baauer collaboration (no shots), “One” starts out as a piece of digitalized gospel, all soaring church melodies and barely concealed vocal bits. By the second half of the track, the duo’s dancefloor inclinations emerge as a clacking snare brings on an array of neon synth timbres and clipped vocal portions. Thanks to the FACT Mag team, “One” is freely available to the public. Stream and download below.

rbma various asets - not for sale

This Summer, 62 musicians gathered in New York City to make music, attend workshops, share secrets and perform live. Those 62 comprised the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy class, an impressive array of producers, vocalists and instrumentalists from every corner of the electronic music world. Today, we’re lucky enough to receive (part) of what they came up with this past Summer. Various Assets – Not For Sale features collaborative tracks from Astral Plane favorites Sinjin Hawke, Kid Smpl, DJ Slow, Throwing Snow, Distal, Thundercat (under his birth name), Benjamin Damage and more. A compilation can only go so far to document a Summer’s worth of collaborative work, but Various Assets does an admirable job at giving plebes like myself some insight into the wonderful process that is the annual RBMA gathering. Stream Kid Smpl, SHDBOX, Branko and AnnaLove’s “Forces In The Way” and hit the jump (or head to Bandcamp) to listen/download the entire compilation

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Remember rap in 2003? Sinjin Hawke certainly does. Specifically, Just Blaze production circa 2003. Sinjin has been strutting his production acumen across a dizzying array of styles this year, whether they be bombastic takes on ghetto house classics, wildly textured club machinations or space-age grime/Memphis amalgamations. For his latest feat, the Barcelona-based producer has been enlisted by Mixpak Records to remix label boss Dre Skull’s “First Time”, the advantageous dancehall slumper released earlier this calendar year. In the finest form of his career, Sinjin took original and put it through the grinder, transforming the sunny original into the best Just Blaze approximation we’ve heard in years. Considering his prodigious use of brass, it should come as no surprise that Sinjin can pull this off, but it still managed to catch this listener off guard. The remix is up for free download (along with a Curses remix) so stream below and grab the package here.

l-vis 1990

It’s always a treat to receive new audio/visual project from Sinjin Hawke’s Fractal Fantasy video-only imprint and the latest might just be the burgeoning project’s most impressive yet. “Flash Alert” is a collaboration between Sinjin and Night Slugs don L-Vis 1990. It’s all absolute madness. The video is all molten metal and rapidly fluctuating textures, an immersive experience that is at once captivating and visually abrasive. The song is built on sharp edges and high frequencies, piling loads of snares on top of swimming (both real and metaphorical) effects. In a sense, it’s a London-centric update of early Detroit techno, bringing the Motor City’s innate funkiness into the digital age.

gangsta boo

By most estimations, last months Sinjin Hawke + Gangsta Boo collaboration, “Yea Hoe”, was a resounding success, providing the former with an established, well-respected MC and the latter with some of the best club collaboration the world over. That being said, I don’t think anyone is mad that we’ve received an alternate/remix version of the song in the form of he “Devils Daughter Mix”. Whereas the original was all braggadocious horn work and Greek Tragedy wails, the new mix strips all of that away (for portions of the song), relying on reverberating, over-the-top synth drums and strapping hi hats. If the original was a club track, then this is a club track. It’s hard to choose between the two, but considering that both are free, expect to hear both in abundance over the coming weeks and months. Stream/download below and catch the original mix after the jump.

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Last week, Sinjin Hawke let loose a remix of DJ Assault and Socalled’s ghetto house number “Sleepover” and today, we’ve received another Hawke remix of DJ Funk’s “Three Fine Hoes” in what appears to be an attempt to delve into the unfairly maligned sub-genre. In typical fashion, both remixes are bombastic as hell and built around some crisp, huge sounding horn stabs. I remember the latter having an especially large impact on the dancefloor at the Witness 3.0 event at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, but both are sure to have an especially long run in DJ sets the world over due both to their enormous capacity for genre busting goodness and their always wonderful freeness. Stream Hawke’s Funk remix below and catch the Assault & Socalled jawn after the jump.

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Can we talk about Pelican Fly for a moment? Only eight releases deep, the Belgian DJ Slow-led imprint has released seminal release after seminal release, proving as influential as anyone in the ever-growing, amorphous realm of “club” music. On February 18, the label will release the Feathers compilation, featuring brand new heat from Sinjin Hawke, Cashmere Cat, Mister Tweeks and more. More than just about any other label (Body High and/or Fade To Mind maybe), Pelican Fly has set the tone over the past few years, predicting the grand cohesion of hip hop and dance music a full year before “trap” came into the popular vernacular and constantly churning out releases that sound nothing like anything that came before. Feathers will surely be another huge leap forward for the label, which should be seeing a LuckyMe-esque influx in fans in the not so distant future. Stream Sinjin Hawke’s especially turn’t “Prom Nite” below and look out for the comp on the 18th.

Last night, bass connoisseur Sinjin Hawke brought his blasted out brand of beats to London radio station Rinse FM. Rinse DJ Monki brought the airhorns and gunshots. Over the proceeding 42 minutes, Sinjin set up a club atmosphere like no one else can. DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad and Mike Q are all there. So are the standard SInjin remixes and originals. The mixing is excellent as always. Rinse and Sinjin are quite a formidable combination