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Jimmy Tamborello, also known as Dntel, is best known for the part he played in The Postal Service back in the day. However, he’s still cranking out music under his Dntel moniker, and he has a new album called Aimlessness due out on June 5th via Pampa Records. Today we bring you a brand new track off the upcoming album. This one is called “Still,” and it features the lovable Baths, who contributes his signature choppy vocal glitches in a far more subtle way than we’ve seen before. The track is somewhat wistful and contemplative, with muted kicks and fuzzy side-chaining, and the whole thing is a little dissonant in a very pleasing way. Stream “Still” below, and then catch Dntel’s “Bright Night,” another single off Aimlessness, just below that.

A few weeks back, we featured the genre-bending Toronto duo Purity Ring as our Sasquatch Artist of the Week. I can’t stop listening to these guys, and up until now I’ve had to loop through a few delicious tracks over and over again. Earlier this month, however, the band announced they had signed to 4AD and Last Gang Records, which was promising news for those of us who have been holding our breath for new material. The good news continues today, with an album name, release date, and a kick-ass single off the album. According to Purity Ring’s twitter, the new release will be called Shrines, and we can expect it on July 24th; check out the album art above. Listen below to “Obedear,” the first single off Shrines. It’s a little more low-key than the tracks we’ve heard from Purity Ring thus far, but it doesn’t lack any of the precision or dreamy complexity of their previous songs. The production is spot-on, the vocals are mellow and pensive, and the lyrics are full of Purity Ring’s signature vivid, stream-of-consciousness imagery. You can download the track for free at their website.

Last month, we reviewed the new album from Odd Future, OF Tape Vol. 2., and discussed how OF members Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, who used to ramble somewhat incoherently through clouds of smoke and unfocused bad attitudes, seem to be evolving their respective styles. Thus far, we have seen a certain resistance to production from outside the collective. Last year, in fact, in an interview with Pitchfork, Hodgy explicitly said:

I honestly don’t like working with people outside of Odd Future because I don’t want our sound to change. I want it to evolve, and that happens with people within the camp, not people outside the camp. When you make music, it should be fun. I’m not hating or anything, but I don’t want to be rapping over a Lex Luger beat. Why would I do that? I have my own beats.

This week, though, we saw two new releases from Hodgy and Domo, under their new moniker MellowHigh, and one of the tracks is produced by Lex Luger himself. “Timbs” isn’t particularly lengthy, but it’s enjoyable, and certainly far more focused than previous work from Hodgy and Domo.

Today, we have another new MellowHigh track, “Go,” this time produced by Thelonious Martin. This one’s a little longer and a little spacier, but it definitely exemplifies how well Hodgy and Domo complement each other musically. Maybe we’ll continue to see more material from these two, produced by talent from outside the collective.

While I sit around feeling sorry for myself because I’m not at Coachella, here are a few musical gems from the past week. We’ve got several great remixes and a couple new originals as well. If you’re missing out on Coachella this weekend, avoid sinking into a deep depression by checking out some of the live stream on YouTube.

Download: A$AP Rocky & Theophilus London – “Big Spender”

Stream/Download: Tycho – “Dive” (Memoryhouse Remix)

Stream/Download: Rainbo – “Sand Man”

Stream: Lianne La havas – “Lost and Found” (Lapalux Remix)

Stream: Frank Ocean – “Whip Appeal” (SBTRKT Edit)

Stream/Download: Louis Blaise – “Love And Gwalla” (Phillip D Kick Remix) 

Stream/Download: Kanye West – “Mercy” (RAJA Remix)

Stream/Download: Machinedrum and FaltyDL – “Give In 2”

Nine weeks ago, the Sasquatch Music Festival lineup was released to much fanfare. Like all festivals, some hated the lineup while others loved it. For the more levelheaded, it appears to be a very balanced lineup with a deep undercard. From here on out we will be underscoring the lesser-known Sasquatch artists by highlighting a different artist each week. Beyond delving into each artist’s bio, sound, etc., we will attempt to give some insight into what will make their performance at Sasquatch so amazing.

Some of the most captivating music is made when artists seek to combine elements from a variety of styles, generating distinctive, unique subgenres all their own. Additionally, I am always fascinated by artists who draw from their own wide-ranging (if not traditionally related) talents, amalgamating their skills to create something entirely novel. It is no surprise, then, that I was instantly drawn to the music of Active Child, the production moniker of New Jersey native Pat Grossi. Grossi has crafted what I consider to be a truly unique combination of the new and the old, the majestic and the innocent. As a child, Grossi began soaking up music as a member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir. He was also heavily influenced by the heavy, epic rhythms of ‘80s dance bands such as New Order. Add in his dexterity on the classical harp and a propensity for expressive lyrical imagery, and you have a musical entity that is both idiosyncratic and extraordinary.

In his work as Active Child, Grossi manages to fuse his own exquisitely naïve choirboy-style falsetto vocals (reminiscent of the work of James Blake and Justin Vernon) with powerful ‘80s synths and deep, sweeping drum patterns. The dramatic rhythms and crisp handclaps present in the choruses of several Active Child tracks evoke some the same feelings brought on by the work of M83. Additionally, the delicate, angelic qualities of the live harp provide a certain ethereal quality, counterbalancing the intensity of the other instrumentals. Active Child’s music is part classical masterpiece and part electronic gem.

Rossi released a cassette-only EP called Sun Rooms in early 2010 via Mirror Universe, and then went on to release a second EP, titled Curtis Lane, on Merok Records in May 2010. Curtis Lane was received well by various critics, and in August of 2011 Grossi released a full-length album titled You Are All I See. He has since toured with both James Blake and M83, proving himself as a strong performer as well as studio artist. On his tour in August and September of 2011, openers included Com Truise, fellow Sasquatch! 2012 performer and Artist of the Week feature. Active Child’s Sasquatch set will be on Sunday evening at the Yeti stage.

Below, watch the videos for “Playing House” (featuring How To Dress Well) and “I’m In Your Church At Night.”

For those of you who are missing out on Coachella this weekend, here’s a little something to brighten this rainy LA morning. The name Joyce probably doesn’t ring a bell. It’s the new moniker under which Katherine Fussey, niece of acclaimed guitarist Mick Ronson, has released a catchy, echoy-instrumental single, “Keep The Lights On.” It’s an enjoyable track in and of itself, with its head-bobbing rhythms, simple synth melodies, and bright, exclamatory vocals. But as we have seen thus far, it is very difficult to find a piece of music that cannot be improved upon through a little rework by our dear friend Clams Casino. He has preserved Joyce’s bubbly vocals, as well as the ease and abandon she displays in the original track, but at the same time he manages to throw in all of his trademark humid cloudiness, as though “Keep The Lights On” got lost in the rainforest or on a deserted island, and never had any desire to leave. It’s smooth with just enough crunch. There’s a lot going on in this remix, but it’s far from overwhelming; it’s the perfect balance of complication and repetition. Stream Clams’ remix here, and head to Joyce’s SoundCloud to hear the original track.

24-year-old London-based producer/instrumentalist Kwes has been making music for many years; however, it seems only recently has he been noticed by the blogosphere. His story is intriguing. He began playing the keyboard at age five, experimenting with many instruments throughout his youth. Kwes has a fascinating condition known as color synesthesia, which means he associates different types or tones of music with particular colors. As he told The Fader back in 2010,

“…each note on the 12 tone scale equates to colour, any chord surrounded by whichever note I’m hearing will be a version of the colour. Generally it looks like this to me: G – orange. D which is always yellow/green, E which is yellow/gold, F which is violet/blue, C-Blue, A-light blue, B-yellow/gold/green. Also it’s something that is quite unobtrusive, it’s pleasantly normal. It’s what I’ve always seen so I’m not startled or surprised by it, every time I hear music it happens.” (Via.)

Kwes released an EP called No Need To Run in June of 2010 via Young Turks, and he has worked with the likes of The xx (producing an early version of “Insects”) and London experimental/grime musician Micachu. Additionally, he has a new four-track EP coming out on May 1st via Warp; this one will be called MeantimeToday, you can stream a brand new track off the upcoming EP. This 7-minute track, titled “lgoyh,” is melancholy yet hopeful, as though Kwes is singing of unrequited love. The song is quite different from bashful,” the other single off Meantime that was released back in March, proving that Kwes employs multifaceted production techniques and musical influences. Stream “Igoyh” below.

The wacky London analog-electro production duo Simian Mobile Disco has a new album, Unpatterns, coming out on May 14th. The group will be touring throughout Europe and the US through July; check out their tour dates after the jump. Today, you can stream the album’s sixth track, “Put Your Hands Together,” right here:

We also bring you the brand new video for “Seraphim,” which is a weird montage of people performing eerily mundane activities.


The tracklist for Unpatterns is as follows:

01. I Waited For You
02. Cerulean
03. Seraphim
04. A Species Out of Control
05. Interference
06. Put Your Hands Together
07. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
08. Your Love Ain’t Fair
09. Pareidolia

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I always enjoy when two really fantastic but previously unrelated things get combined into an even-more-spectacular entity. This morning, we bring you James Murphy x Boiler Room. The former LCD Soundsystem frontman recently threw down a 50-minute set at the London club, where he proved that he is not only a brilliant musician but also a pretty superb DJ. This is particularly exciting news for those of us getting continually more amped for Sasquatch!, as Murphy will be performing a DJ set at the festival. Additionally, those of us who missed the showing of the LCD/Murphy documentaryShut Up And Play The Hits, at SXSW a few weeks ago will be glad to have something James-Murphy-related to tide us over until the film hits theaters this summer. Head to the Boiler Room website to stream audio and video of Murphy’s entire set.